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Deleting the MOV video folder in the Windows environment only removes FAT or MFT (NTFS). This means that MOV video folder data remains on your disk. So, technically speaking, this MOV video folder can be recovered. MOV video folder recovery on sd Card uses this mechanism to recover lost data even after emptying the Recycle Bin.

MOV video folder recovery on sd Card can also easily recover formatted MOV video folders and MOV video folders corrupted by viruses. Even in extreme cases, if the structure is partially corrupted, it can be recovered as long as the data is still saved on the hard drive.

A wonderful way to get back - retrieve accidentally lost MOV video folder from sd Card.

Recently, a colleague in the company deleted some important MOV video folders of the company by mistake, and the worst part is that she hasn't backed them up. Therefore, she anxiously approached me to see what could be done to retrieve these lost MOV video folders, although I didn't have any good solutions at that time. But it was my duty as the company's network administrator to handle the troubles, so I agreed to go ahead and went back and checked on the Internet. There were really a lot of good things to recover MOV video folders!

So I happily downloaded one, installed it, and saw that it was good. I could see the deleted MOV video folder. When I wanted to recover it, the problem appeared; the software prompted me to buy a genuine cloud. The software prompts to buy the genuine version. As the saying goes, there is no fruit for nothing!

So I had to continue to try my luck online, so I posted on our log forum for help, and in no time, a few kind friends introduced me to a few MOV video folder recovery software.

It really helped me to get back all the deleted MOV video folders; below, I will share the features and experience of using this software with you.

First of all, I would like to introduce the MOV video folder recovery software's functions on the sd Card. MOV video folder recovery on sd Card has become the preferred tool for network administrators with its powerful and fast recovery functions and easy-to-use interface.
When MOV video folder is deleted by mistake (and cleared from Recycle Bin), FAT table or disk root zone is eroded by virus resulting in total loss of MOV video folder information, physical failure causes FAT table or disk root zone to be unreadable, or disk is formatted resulting in total loss of MOV video folder information, MOV video folder recovery software on sd Card can extract and recover MOV video folder information by directly scanning The target disk can be directly scanned to extract and recover MOV video folder information (including MOV video folder name, MOV video folder type, original location, creation date, deletion date, etc.).

Users can easily find and recover MOV video folders they need based on this information. Even after the data, MOV video folders are partially overwritten, MOV Video Folder Recovery Pro on sd Card can recover the remaining part of MOV video folders.

The installation wizard helps users to complete the installation automatically (without any user intervention except providing the product serial number and installation), or even without installation, you can run MOV Video Folder Recovery on sd Card directly by clicking the executable program on the installation CD to recover data MOV video folders.

The Windows Explorer-like user interface and operating style allow Windows users to perform simple data move video folder recovery with little or no training. Users can either find the specified MOV video folder or MOV video folders quickly (by matching wildcard characters) or recover the entire MOV video folder or sub-MOV video folders at once (keeping the structure intact).

How to retrieve accidentally deleted MOV video from SD card

Step 1: Download and install MOV video folder recovery software on sd Card.
Step 2: You can install it directly.
Step 3: Retrieve the lost MOV video folder; here, I will recover a MOV video folder named "Company computer hardware MOV video folder.MP4" in E drive, and then use MOV video folder on sd Card to recover it.
The specific steps are as follows.

Click on MOV video folder recovery on sd Card " MOV video folder" option - open - select the drive where MOV video folder was deleted and click OK.
Click OK to start scanning the MOV video folder; after that, you will be prompted to scan the group's range; click OK to scan the whole SD Card disk. The scan will take a long time; it depends on how big your SD Card is.
After the scan is finished, finally, find the deleted MOV video in the deleted MOV video folder, select the deleted MOV video folder and click Recover in the " MOV video folder" option.

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