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 With the popularity of cell phones all over the world, using cell phones to take pictures and store data has become a very common life action, and users' demand for cell phone capacity is also increasing, and now many cell phones are using the extended Sandisk thumb drive to increase the storage capacity of the phone.

In the process of using Sandisk thumb drive, you may encounter the Sandisk thumb drive can not read the situation, or the misuse of the Sandisk thumb drive is formatted, or poisoning and so on, the data card is broken does not matter, the money does not matter, but the precious photos and data inside is very important to people Very important.

The author is here to teach you the problems that you may encounter with the storage card and how to solve these problems

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Sandisk thumb drive data loss troubles think we all do not want to experience, do a good job completely measures are the key to protect data.

Why can not read Sandisk thumb drive reasons

    First of all, we need to be clear about where our SD went wrong, whether the Sandisk thumb drive itself was damaged or there are other reasons, because if the card itself is not damaged, it is actually very good solution. Below I have listed a few typical examples for your reference.

Sandisk thumb drive and card slot interface is not clean

Contact is not clean
  Many users usually do not pay attention to the maintenance of their electronic products, the protection of Sandisk thumb drive is not good enough, the metal area of Sandisk thumb drive will be covered with dust or oil, resulting in poor contact with the card slot, sometimes can not read the situation.
  Solution: Check whether the metal area of Sandisk thumb drive is dull or spotted, if so, use alcohol or water to clean it and blow dry it.

Card slot extrusion deformation Card slot poor contact

  Nowadays, there are more and more ultra-thin models in the market, and their card slots are designed very cleverly. If you use a non-original battery, the thickness of the card slot may exceed the standard formation of extrusion, the phone Sandisk thumb drive can not read the phenomenon.
  Solution: Try to replace the original battery.

Sandisk thumb drive virus

      There are many software or games in the smartphone application market that contain viruses. If the Sandisk thumb drive is poisoned, it is likely that it cannot be read normally.

  Solution: Use a card reader to connect to your computer and use antivirus software to clean it up, if it still can't be solved, format the Sandisk thumb drive.

Precautions you should take when using Sandisk thumb drive

Do not remove the Sandisk thumb drive that is in use

    Whether it is a camera or a card reader, be sure not to remove the card while it is being read because this destroys the unique document format and structure established by different devices to avoid storage errors.

    Sandisk thumb drive as an electronic product is quite sensitive to high temperature and oil and wet water, the contacts of the memory card can easily cause damage to the Sandisk thumb drive and loss of files, so do not store it in the car (high temperature). Also do not scratch.

Use more card readers

    Card readers are cheap and can improve efficiency. Using a card reader is more effective than transferring directly from your phone or camera to avoid the risk of sudden power failure.

Be careful with formatting and deleting photos

    Some camera models are destructive to permanently delete photos, while some allow restoration, so when deleting files, it is best to import them into the computer first to prepare and avoid deleting the files you want to save.
Be careful when editing files directly on the card

    Many users in the transfer of photos, but also deal with the files on the card, in fact, this is not very safe practice, because in editing the file will change the structure of the document, may affect the entire document, so it is better to wait patiently.
Sandisk thumb drive can retrieve files even if you can't read or write

    Why can SD lost files be recovered?

The principle is the same as hard drive recovery, simply put, the storage space of Sandisk thumb drive can be compared to a building, the formatting operation is numbered for each room, then the map hanging at the entrance of the building records the details of each room. When this file is deleted, but the file data is still in the room. Sandisk thumb drive format recovery principle is similar to this, formatting will renumber the rooms and will not immediately erase the number.

    Method 1:

For Sandisk thumb drive logical failure resulting in data loss, for example, files mistakenly deleted, mistakenly formatted, Sandisk thumb drive unreadable (can't open prompting formatting, etc.), users can use some data recovery software on the network to complete Sandisk thumb drive recovery by themselves The work. Now the software is very simple to operate, you can search online if you need to, here I also put out the data recovery software used by myself.

    Method 2:

Connect the Sandisk thumb drive to the computer with a card reader to prompt the need to format, of course, we can not format we choose to cancel the format.
Point the computer "Start Menu" - "Run" - and then enter chkdsk G:/F where G is your mobile disk drive location, according to the specific mobile disk drive modified. Click Confirm to start the repair. After that, copy your data to your computer for backup and then format your memory card to finish.

Full summary

    With this knowledge, you will be able to deal with the situation from the beginning of love and care to the use of precautions and the need to perform Sandisk thumb drive data recovery as a last resort. I believe you can also guard your valuable data.


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