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If you want to keep any of the above photos, do not format the drive. It is not too late to format the write-protected Sandisk extreme pro after trying to recover the files on the card. If you insert the Sandisk cf card into the built-in slot of your laptop or PC and it doesn't respond, try another computer or another USB card reader. Sometimes the problem is with the card reader and not the card itself. You can buy a USB SD card reader online that will read both microSandisk and standard SD cf cards for not much money.

There are many freeware programs that claim to be able to recover data from damaged or broken memory cards. ,

Some free recovery software is limited in the number of files or data it can recover, so look for any limitations before downloading. Using it can recover accidentally deleted files, a process that also applies to the Sandisk extreme pro cf card whose contents are not visible in Windows Explorer Figure 1.If not, try one of the many other file recovery applications, including . There is no guarantee that you will get your files back intact when using these softwares, and they usually lose the original file names, which can be a problem for some users who are careful about file names.

Other software can rename recovered files relatively easily

One of the most well-known free recovery software is that most of them work more or less the same way, so here are some sample instructions so you can get a general idea of usage. After installation, insert the corrupted Sandisk extreme pro into your PC's card reader and start it up. It is recommended to disable the PC's security software and it is also recommended to disconnect from the internet.

After seeing the prompt, click on i.e. "Photo Recovery Free" option that will help us recover photos from the Sandisk cf card. Now it will search for the installed device that you need to direct to the defective Sandisk cf card. Select the right drive click on next and now it will analyze the Sandisk cf card.

This process will take a few minutes. Once the analysis is done, you will see the list of recovered files. On most Sandisk cfast cards, clicking on the "Root" checkbox will most likely select all photos. Select Next, after which you can choose in which folder to put the recovered files.

By default, the folder is the same one you chose to save in.

The important point is that the system will ask you to select a destination folder for the recovered files, make sure you select a folder on the PC hard drive and not on the corrupted Sandisk cf card.

The files will take a few minutes to copy. Once this process is complete, browse the selected destination folder and you should see most of the files you want to save.

Standard size Sandisk cf cards are prone to damage due to the thin plastic casing; these cards can easily break if you put them in your pocket or unprotected in your bag.

Sometimes that little write-protect switch can come off and make the Sandisk extreme cf card unusable in a camera or any other device that needs to be able to write data to the card.Sandisk extreme pro cfast card is write-protectedFor whatever reason, you cannot erase the write-protected card because it requires a change to the file allocation table, which must be written to the card.

If there is nothing wrong with the card itself and the switch is in the "write" position, try the Windows built-in tools to try to fix the win7 ghost. right-click on the Sandisk cf card in Windows Explorer, select Properties, then select the Tools tab. Click on Check for errors Windows will scan the card, find the error and try to fix it.

If the Sandisk extreme pro cfast card does not appear in Explorer, look in the Start menu and look for Disk Management Tools.

In this tool, you can find out which drives Windows can "see", and this list of drives can include drives without drive names. If you can't find your Sandisk cf card in the drive list, it may be completely broken, or the card reader failure may be due to a driver problem.

If the Sandisk cf card is in the list but there is no driver name.

You should be able to right-click and use the available options to give it a drive name, or format it as a file syste

The following types of cards are prone to this type of data loss phenomenon which requires formatting the damaged CF card

sandisk cf card
sandisk extreme pro cfast 2.0
sandisk extreme pro cf card
sandisk extreme pro cf
sandisk cfast 2.0
sandisk cfast
sandisk cfast card
sandisk cfast 256gb
sandisk extreme pro cfast
sandisk extreme pro 64gb cf card
sandisk extreme pro 32gb cf card
sandisk extreme pro 128gb cfast 2.0
sandisk extreme pro 128gb cf card
sandisk extreme cf card
sandisk extreme cf 64gb
sandisk extreme cf 32gb
sandisk extreme cf
sandisk cfast 128gb

They are also subject to the following data loss situations
sandisk extreme cf card not detected,
sandisk cf card not recognized,
sandisk cfast cf card data recovery,
sandisk cf card video recovery,
sandisk cf card photo recovery,
sandisk cf card format recovery
sandisk cf card format recovery,
sandisk extreme cf card delete recovery,
sandisk extreme cf card not found,
sandisk cf card is not displayed,
sandisk cf card goes blank,
sandisk cf card requires formatting,
sandisk cf card does not open,
sandisk cf card file is missing,

Bplan data recovery with 3 steps

Step 1 : Free download and Open it
Sandisk extreme pro cfast card is corrupted the system always asks us to format it.
Step 2 : Deep Scan lost files
Sandisk extreme pro cfast card is corrupted the system always asks us to format it.
Step 3 : Recover lost files
Sandisk extreme pro cfast card is corrupted the system always asks us to format it.

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