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SanDisk sd card not recognized photo file recovery tool is potent

because of the use of SanDisk sd card, often need to access different devices, so the use of SanDisk sd card brings a lot of risks, often sd card poisoning is damaged unrecognized, so that your files or sd card video data is often deleted and lost. Still, sometimes the deleted files are very important. This time you need some Tools to help you recover, today I recommend this professional unrecognized SanDisk sd card data recovery software is such a software. It can quickly help users to recover corrupted files inside the SanDisk sd card, so you don't need to worry about SanDisk sd card problems!

Features of Unrecognized SanDisk SD Card Photo Recovery Software

  Recover deleted and corrupted Photo files
  Recover data from not recognized SanDisk sd card after formatting
  Recover data from corrupted SanDisk SD card media
  Supports recovery of all image file formats from unrecognized SanDisk SD card
  Supports all media formats that use digital cameras
  Works with all digital cameras and card readers
  Works with all media types that use digital cameras (SanDisk sd cards, CF cards, memory sticks, etc.)
  Support for the latest raw file recovery: regular updates eliminate the need to purchase more expensive versions of raw file recovery
  Improved movie recovery features. We are constantly increasing the maximum movie recovery size.
  One year free updates.
  No license expiration. The program is yours to keep and use.
  Free demo with guaranteed preview.

Not recognized SanDisk SD card photo video recovery software features.

There are not many unrecognized SanDisk sd card data recovery software with really high recovery capability.
This is a relatively rare software; here, we recommend you to make SanDisk sd card data recovery; you can recover unrecognized TF card and SanDisk sd card data; of course, please make sure that your data loss is not written to SanDisk sd card was overwritten by other data, that is, the data is not overwritten, then the chances of recovery out is very high.

Can solve the problem of SanDisk sd card was deleted photo files by mistake and was prompted to format, this time do not click format, wait for the data recovery and then click, another point is that when scanning out the lost files, you can display the file name and date, so you can accurately locate the files you want to recover.

Installation method
  1. Download the file and find "bplan_recovery_setup.exe," double click to run it and enter the software installation wizard interface.
  2. Select the language you need to use, please choose according to your needs, so that the operation will be faster.
  3、Enter the software installation wizard interface, click Next for quick installation.
  4、Click I accept the license agreement, click Next.
  5、Select the location of the software installation, the default location "C: Program Files (x86)", it is recommended to install in D disk, click Next
  6、Select additional tasks that the software needs to install, including the creation of desktop shortcuts, click Next.
  7、 The installation is in progress; please wait patiently.
  8、 The installation is complete; click Finish.

Bplan data recovery with 3 steps

Step 1 : Free download and Open it
Recover lost photo files from SanDisk SD card not recognized in 3 steps
Step 2 : Deep Scan lost files
Recover lost photo files from SanDisk SD card not recognized in 3 steps
Step 3 : Recover lost files
Recover lost photo files from SanDisk SD card not recognized in 3 steps

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