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Transcend SD card is one of the most commonly used data storage devices, often used to store photos, videos, audios, and other important data. However, the data on the Transcend SD card can be lost due to mistaken deletion, formatting, RAW partitioning, and other reasons. What should we do when we encounter the problem of Transcend SD card data loss? Don't worry.

What is the data on the Transcend SD card lost? The recovery method is actually very simple today.

Recover lost video from Transcend SD Card support device

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We will share a simple and efficient Transcend SD card video data recovery method so that you don't have to worry about the Transcend SD card data loss problem.

What is the reason for it? In fact, there are many reasons for Transcend SD card data loss, and some common reasons are summarized here to

help you prevent the problem before it happens.

1 In the process of using Transcend SD card, from time to time, there will be mistaken deletion, formatting, and other operations, resulting in data loss, so in the usual deletion or formatting operations, need to be careful and pay more attention.

2 File system abnormalities. A corrupt or abnormal file system on a partition can lead to problems such as the partition not being able to be accessed normally. This is when the partition will often indicate errors such as unformatted. There are many reasons for file system failure, virus damage. Partition resize failure, bad sectors, etc.

3 Virus. Once the Transcend SD card is infected with a virus, its stored data will be affected, such as virus maliciously encrypting data, file displaying garbled code, the file being maliciously deleted, etc.

4 Physical failure of Transcend SD card. Like other data storage devices, Transcend SD cards can also have hardware failures, such as problems with the memory chip. In this case, video data recovery is more complicated and needs to be handled by a professional video data recovery agency.

5 Transcend SD card improper plugging and unplugging

About Transcend SD card video data recovery       

Transcend SD card has become an important part of our electronic devices, storing photos, videos, documents, audio, and other data for us. Transcend SD card provides us with great

convenience, but the troubles that come with it are also headaches, such as data loss. There are many cases of Transcend SD card data loss, such as accidental deletion, formatting,

inaccessibility of Transcend SD card, etc. Therefore, it is very necessary to learn how to recover lost data from Transcend SD card.

Then can the data on the Transcend SD card be recovered?

How to make a recovery? Simply put, as long as the lost data has not been overwritten, there is hope for recovery. Let's take deletion as an example and briefly introduce the principle of video data recovery. When we delete a file on Transcend SD card, although the file is not visible, the file is not really deleted. In fact, the system just deletes the data from the file record and marks the disk space occupied by the file as "free." Until this "free" disk space is occupied by new data, the lost data is in a recoverable state.

How to get back the lost data? Just use the memory card video data recovery software, which can analyze the data on Transcend SD card one by one and then recover the lost files back.      

Note: Do not save the recovered files directly to the Transcend SD card where the video data recovery is being performed to avoid overwriting other unrecovered data.

As a reminder, when performing video data recovery from Transcend SD card, you must pay attention to the following points in order to get the best video data recovery results.       

1. Immediately stop all operations on Transcend SD card to avoid damaging lost data after discovering data loss on Transcend SD card. These operations include but are not limited to: deposit new data, browse or edit existing files, format, disk defragmentation, resize partition, repair bad sectors, etc., repartition, etc.   

2. When you encounter Transcend SD card cannot be opened and prompted to format, please do not format Transcend SD card and do not chkdsk, because these operations often affect the final recovery effect.

3. Choose professional video data recovery software, and if you encounter problems in using it, please contact the software technical support in time to avoid data damage caused by misoperation.

How to effectively avoid Transcend SD card data loss problem?

Many times, whether the Transcend SD card data loss problem can be avoided, the following is to share with you some ways to avoid data loss.

Choose quality products. When buying Transcend SD card memory cards, try to choose products from well-known manufacturers and buy from officially recognized platforms to ensure that the quality of the memory cards that arrive is guaranteed.

Good usage habits. Be gentle when using Transcend SD card and click on the safe delete hardware icon every time before pulling it out from the computer; also, in case of a camera or cell phone, Transcend SD card needs to be installed or deleted with the computer turned off.

Use antivirus software. Computer viruses or malware can cause data loss problems, so you need to scan the Transcend SD card with antivirus software regularly.

Timely backup data: Important data in the phone or digital camera should be backed up in a timely manner so that many data loss problems can be effectively avoided.

Through the above methods, the lost data on the Transcend SD card is successfully recovered. Isn't it very simple? In the future, when you encounter the problem of data loss on Transcend SD card memory card, you can directly follow this tutorial to recover memory card data by yourself without spending time and experience running around to places like Transcend SD card after-sales repair. If you have any questions, suggestions, or need help with Transcend SD card memory card video data recovery, please feel free to contact online customer service.





Bplan data recovery with 3 steps

Step 1 : Free download and Open it
Recover deleted lost video from Transcend SD card formatted or not working
Step 2 : Deep Scan lost files
Recover deleted lost video from Transcend SD card formatted or not working
Step 3 : Recover lost files
Recover deleted lost video from Transcend SD card formatted or not working

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