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 HP Laptop hard drive not recognized

Speccy for Piriform launched a cell phone information viewing tool, support Windows operating system, allowing users to view specific statistics on each hardware under the computer, including CPU, motherboard, memory, graphics card, hard disk, CD-ROM drive, audio support.

March 27, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine publicly said that about consumers reflect Apple service provider informed MacBook Air laptop graphics card warranty only one year" the problem of Win10 mechanical hard drive is missing, Apple's approach is not in accordance with the "microcomputer goods repair replacement return responsibility regulations" and "cell phone goods warranty regulations".

 HP Laptop hard drive not open

Because the notebook optical drive provides the SATA interface speed and model with the original hard disk bin exactly the same (only the same brand and series of notebook computers), so you can match the new hard disk or old mechanical disk into the notebook optical drive bit bracket and replace the actual notebook optical drive bit inserted into the laptop computer to use, so that the new work memory will not have a performance impact.

Win10 system HP laptop dual hard drive mechanical hard drive is missing can not identify the solution.

1. uninstall the third-party security tools in the device with the system optimization software.
2. Press "Windows Logo Key + R", run "msconfig", click Services > Hide all Microsoft services > Disable all. 3.
3. Click Startup > Open Task Manager and disable all startup items (If you use fingerprint unlock, please do not disable fingerprint related services. Then reboot the device.) .

Laptop hard drive bin after all in compatibility and speed more secure, so read and write small files have the advantage of solid state drives into the hard drive bin is the best choice to play the ultimate picture quality of solid state drives; the original mechanical hard drive into the optical drive bit within the mechanical disk itself read and write speed is not fast, usually as a data warehouse role. Installation platform under that hard disk according to their own wishes, but since they have been running large programs, you can choose to add the operating system on the mechanical hard disk, large programs debugging in the solid state drive, you can do after the boot program in seconds; if often is to chat on the Internet debugging under the mechanical hard disk ordinary programs and, solid state drive installed operating system Win10 mechanical hard disk is gone, enjoy the second boot. The advantage is that you can play the respective advantages of different kinds of memory, the disadvantage is that the mechanical hard disk working conditions lose security, easy to cause mechanical hard disk damage.



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Step 1 : Free download and Open it
HP Laptop disk drive not recognized or not open, How to recover lost file
Step 2 : Deep Scan lost files
HP Laptop disk drive not recognized or not open, How to recover lost file
Step 3 : Recover lost files
HP Laptop disk drive not recognized or not open, How to recover lost file

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