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I believe that many friends have had Canon SD card data loss or file corruption, encountered this situation are unknown, do not know the reasons for data loss, improper operation led to the final file can no longer be recovered, the next small to analyze the causes of Canon SD card data loss what are the reasons.

Causes of Canon SD card failure and loss of data.
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1. Hot-swapping, when the phone reads the data on the Canon SD card is removed, at this time, the writing or reading of data has not been completed, then pull out the Canon SD card will arrive when the file on the Canon SD card is damaged or lost.

2. Canon SD card device problem, if the written data is not modified or deleted information, generally for the Canon SD card internal memory device problem, although the underlying driver sent the write command, Canon SD card also responded normally, but the actual Canon SD card did not write the data into the flash, resulting in the loss of data.

3. File system abnormality, if the file system is abnormal, the kernel will load the Canon SD card to read-only state in order to protect the data, and the files written after that will be lost.

Commonly used solutions to solve the data loss of Canon SD card.

1. Avoid pulling out the Canon SD card directly from the phone, if you need to pull out the Canon SD card, you can uninstall the Canon SD card in the settings before pulling out the card, if this situation has already occurred, you can try to find out whether there are lost files in Lost.dir.

2. Format the Canon SD card, format the Canon SD card file system to a type that can be recognized by the phone.

3. After taking out the Canon SD card, don't place it randomly to avoid staining or oxidation of the metal contacts on the card, which may cause the card to be broken and become unusable after being wet.

4. Choose Canon SD card produced by regular manufacturers

5. If there is no physical damage to the Canon SD card, but there is data loss, such as mis-formatting,

you can choose to recover data with Bplan data recovery software. The following are the specific operation steps.

1: First of all, download and install Bplan data recovery software on your computer, and connect your Canon SD card to your computer through a card reader.

2: After installation, run the installed software, enter the main interface of the software, select "full scan" in the function selection bar on the left side of the interface, and then click the "Start Recovery" option on the right side of the interface.

3: Then double-click the disk letter of the Canon SD card displayed on the computer in the jumping disk selection interface

4: After confirming the selection, the software will scan the selected disk. In the file directory column on the left side of the scanning interface, find the data to be recovered and click on the checkbox to confirm the selection and click "Recover" at the bottom right corner of the interface.

5: Click in the pop-up path settings box click to select "Open Directory" to customize the path to save the recovered files, after the settings are complete, click "OK" to start recovering files

6: Patiently wait for the file recovery to complete, and then view the recovered files in the set path

    Near the end of the year, I and my colleagues are busy running to the product launches and appreciation parties of major customers, and Canon camera is an essential tool at this time.

    However, due to the poor use or product quality, I and my colleagues often encounter the situation that Canon memory card cannot read photos or write data, or data is lost inexplicably.

So, in the end, how to use Canon memory card correctly, in addition to the quality of the product, how to avoid the loss of storage data, and how to maintain and care for Canon memory card products?
    Today, based on my daily experience and common sense, I have summarized the following methods to avoid the loss of Canon SD card data to a certain extent.

Don't delete photos on Canon camera

First of all, we need to understand one thing, besides the memory and control chip in Canon memory card, there is also FAT (File Allocation Table). When we format the Canon memory card, we only erase the data in the FAT, but the original file is still in the Canon memory card, that's why when the Canon memory card is formatted or the FAT is destroyed, the data can still be saved by the rescue software.

    So if you open the browse function of your Canon camera after taking photos and then delete the photos in the Canon memory card one by one, it is easy to make FAT problem. The best practice is not to delete photos on your Canon camera when a Canon memory card is full, but to replace it with another Canon memory card and continue shooting, and then dispose of the photos on the Canon memory card when the shooting is finished.

Two: Always use your Canon camera to format the Canon memory card

    As mentioned earlier, FAT is related to Canon memory card data, why should you use your Canon camera instead of your computer to format your Canon memory card?

Because each Canon camera manufacturer has different settings for their Canon cameras, using a Canon camera to format your Canon memory card will ensure that your Canon memory card will work smoothly on your Canon camera.

    If you have more than one Canon camera, even if they are of the same brand, it is better to use each Canon camera to format its dedicated Canon memory card. Using the same Canon memory card among different Canon cameras may also easily lead to different formats or other problems with the Canon memory card.

Format your Canon memory card before each shot

    Once you have finished shooting and read the photos into your computer and made a backup of the original files, it is a good idea to format your Canon memory card before the next shooting.

    This will not only make your photos avoid the problem of file confusion, but also make the workflow of each shooting smooth and reduce the problem of insufficient capacity or file scattering to reduce the read/write rate of the Canon memory card.

Use a branded card reader

    If you are using a Mac as your main work computer and using an SD Canon memory card, this problem is less likely to occur

    Cable also mentioned that during the time he worked for Canon Memory Card Company, he had seen numerous miscellaneous card readers ruin important photo data of customers.

Don't fill up the Canon memory card completely

    Although the capacity of Canon memory card is almost 32GB, it is recommended to use only about 90% of the capacity.

Don't pull out the Canon memory card while reading and writing or just after reading and writing

    Canon memory cards for professional photography have very high reading and writing speed, whether it is high-speed continuous shooting or shooting RAW files or movies, high-speed Canon memory cards bring a lot of convenience, but even if your Canon memory card has extremely high-speed reading and writing ability, you should be careful not to pull out the Canon memory card as soon as you see the read/write light go off.

    It is safest to wait for a while after the light goes off before pulling out the card. Of course, don't pull out the Canon memory card on the way to read/write again.

7. Synchronized storage - especially for dual card models

    Nowadays, most of the consumer Canon cameras have changed to use thin and light SD Canon memory cards, but there are still many high-end or professional models that use CF + SD dual card or dual SD card slot design.

    When using this kind of Canon camera, please make sure to set two Canon memory cards to synchronize storage, in this case, if one of the Canon memory cards has a problem, the other card will most likely still be able to save your photos.

Always use Canon memory cards with brand name recognition

    As memory particles become cheaper and cheaper, many brands have started to launch Canon memory card products. Although consumers benefit relatively because of price competition, Canon memory cards launched by some small or unheard of brands are often not as carefully designed as the big brands.

Nine, the best not to use Canon memory cards that have been in water

    According to my experience of dropping the Canon memory card into water or accidentally throwing it into the washing machine several times, although the data in the Canon memory card may not be completely lost, there are many examples of picking up and drying the card and continuing to use it in the past.

10. Find a home for your Canon memory card

    If you have more than one Canon memory card, then it is best to help them find a protective case or storage bag that they can live in.


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